Logo design

A logo is the starting point for the corporate identity of all brands, companies and institutions. A professional logo allows consumers to visualize the vision of the project and make the company stand out on the market. That's why we always start our work on creating a logo by examining the initial situation and the client's needs. If you don't have any assumptions prepared, we'll help you create them and together decide on the goal of branding activities and the direction of the graphic design for your new mark. We're happy to also re-design an existing logo so that it meets your current aspirations and effectively builds the desired brand image.

Corporate identity systems

After designing the logo, depending on your needs, we can also create a coherent system for the brand's corporate identity system. The scope of activities in this regard can cover only the basic rules of use of the logo, or be extended to include a full range of advertising materials, business printed materials, facility marking and branding of company vehicles. It all depends on the scale of your business activities and plans – let's meet and chat! At Ostecx Créative, you can always count on a comprehensive service in the field of corporate identity systems, as well as specialist support at every stage of works.

Packaging design

Packaging design is one of our creative specializations. Thanks to an experienced team, which has implemented hundreds of packaging designs – including ones awarded by juries in major industry competitions in Poland – you can be sure that your product packaging will stand out in its category, and will even set new industry standards. We'll gladly take on daring, innovative designs that require going beyond market norms and stale ideas. Our rich portfolio of designs for craft brands means we can contribute much to products positioned in this way.

Brand creation

We always find creating a brand from scratch extremely satisfying, and it allows us to share our full experience with you. If your product or service needs a name, fine-tuning of positioning and building of a comprehensive image, this may be a good moment to collaborate with Ostecx Créative. Our team of specialists in product marketing, applied graphics and copywriting will provide you with an interdisciplinary view of your brand. Extensive practical knowledge in product positioning with a focus on the FMCG category brings added value and gives us a competitive advantage.

Product naming

Product naming is one of the key elements of brand creation and product marketing, and that's why it deserves to stand out in our offer. Over more than 10 years of Ostecx Créative's activities, we have named hundreds of brands and individual products. In particular, activities carried out for the beer industry and the FMCG sector in general have given us confidence that just like in the case of graphic design, the emotions of consumers play a huge role here. A well-designed name is fundamental in the positioning and market success of a product. We're extremely proud when the products and services we have named are permanently included in our clients' offers.

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