About us


No matter if we drink a craft beer or open a new bank account, we always expect to have a positive experience. The way in which a brand looks and speaks to us should promise excellence and qualities which are truly unique. We established Ostecx Créative to allow our clients to harness the power of careful branding.

How do we work? We believe distinct design, well-aimed communication and good products will always win. We pay attention to every little detail because quality and competitive edge are the sum of many details. Our team is composed of high-class specialists with a positive energy and a responsible attitude to their projects. The French element introduces a multicultural perspective to our company.

prix de l'industrie

It's a great feeling when a jury composed of high-class specialists appreciates our work. Nothing can replace the emotions we experienced at the awards ceremonies of Kreatura and KTR. This is why we are grateful for all the received awards and will do everything in our power to time and again celebrate the receipt of these precious and prestigious statuettes together with our clients.