Le Club Ostecxshowcase 4/11


Le Club Ostecx is our self-promotion The campaign included direct mailings, mini-website and a Facebook profile. The goal was to showcase the agency to potential customers, inform them of the benefits of cooperation and evoke the French roots of the company. Thus we created Le Club Ostecx, comparing the level of service offered by the company to the quality of service in the elite club. We also created a fictional Club President, modeling his character on such people as David Ogilvy, Leo Burnett or Bill Bernbach. Louis Cédric Ostecx was presented as a child prodigy of the French advertising, parent-founder of the agency and now the good spirit of Ostecx Creative.

Agency customers starred as current club members, authenticating our self-promotion with their feedback and references. The mailing consisted of two envelopes, a cover letter with a business card, four sheets with information about the agency, a poster and a metal pin in a paper pouch. The package was made of high quality raw materials, utilizing Hot Stamping process. Photographs used in the mailings were made specifically for the campaign and displayed the motto of Le Club Ostecx: "Good company makes success easier." Photographs were taken by Jan Kriwol and the session was produced by 76management agency. Online part of the self-promotion started a week before mailings were sent and the main parts of the campaign, including club contests with prizes, were launched on the date of delivery by