El Más Santo – bookshowcase 6/11


We got involved in the project "El Mas Santo" not only lured by the enthusiasm and energy of young Poznań artist, Kinga Offert, but also because it presented an interesting challenge for our company. After designing a website for this multi-artistic and multimedia project, we supported it through network buzz marketing. During the exhibition of the project in the Poznań Gallery EGO, we featured the book "El Mas Santo, the man who changed the face of Mexico," published by our company. This unusual item is a combination of novels by Maciej Dobosiewicz (illustrated by Kinga) and a photo album (comprising the pictures sent by fans of the project). Ostecx created the design and supervised typesetting and layout of the book. We were also the main sponsor of the entire project.

The book can be purchased on the project website: www.elmassanto.com